By John Stewart

Ray White Lane Cove is concluding another busy year with September, October and November being very active sales months across the region and in all market sectors. Apartments continue to be snapped up quickly and often heavily contested, while a lack of family homes in the market saw at times brutal competition and surprising sale prices. The high end of the market was particularly busy in September and early October, quietening later as buyers took a spell.

Late November showed a slowing in new listings but this has dramatically changed in recent times with near record listings planned to launch in the New Year. For the many intending buyers who missed out on their selected property in the price battles during the Spring, this influx of listings will be good news.

Indications are that we will see strong activity through until the Festive Season and in fact, with fewer people booking overseas or interstate travel these holidays, that activity could flow through Christmas and the New Year period.

Once again we’d like to thank the people of Lane Cove – our office’s home for many decades, for your ongoing support and look forward to being a busy part of this wonderful suburb again in 2015.

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