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Area Profiles

Area Profiles

Lane Cove
From the earliest days of settlement, Lane Cove was an important source of timber for house and ship building, of grass for animal fodder, and of shells which were burnt to produce lime for building. A stockade was erected in Woodford Bay , with a permanent garrison of soldiers to protect convict workers and settlers…Read more

Longueville had its beginnings in the 1870s and at the time encompassed the Lane Cove area (which was then part of Willoughby). It wasn’t until the 1920s that Longueville was proclaimed a suburb…Read more

Northwood is a small peninsular suburb on Sydney harbour. It is between the better known Greenwich and Longueville, close to Lane Cove . It’s named after Northwood House, the first estate to be built on the Lane Cove River Peninsula. This heritage-listed home was built in 1878 on 45 acres of land, for Mrs Jane Davy, by the colonial architect of Sydney, Edmund Blacket…Read more

Riverview is a small suburb in the Lane Cove municipality. With much of the land sweeping down to Tambourine Bay, it was a popular transport route in the 1870s for timber, charcoal and grasses for feed, which were found in the area. From the water, the magnificent St Ignatius College Riverview stands like a sentinel of the suburb…Read more

The suburb of Greenwich is located on the Lower North Shore and is within the Municipality of Lane Cove, which had its beginnings in the 1870s. Greenwich is bounded by the Pacific Highway to the north, the North Shore Railway to the east, Lane Cove Golf Course to the west, and is predominantly…Read more